A stunning & secluded 5.5 acre carp fishing lake situated in the Limousin region of France.

Our 2022 lake plan and swim guide can be found below.

If you have any questions or would like to book your next French carp fishing adventure, please feel free to contact us anytime.


carp 19 lake plan

L’étang cache is a hidden 5.5 acre lake situated down a 600 metre track giving a secluded location in the heart of the Limousin countryside.  Surrounded by woodland & prairie so you can enjoy nature at its best.

The Water depths vary from 3.7 ft to 16 ft with an average depth of 7-8 ft and there are 3 islands to the North end of the lake.

The lake is fed by 2 fresh water streams giving plenty of oxygen & keeping it cool during the warmer months.

The Dam wall is 130 metres long and situated at the south end of the lake.

There are 6 swims perfectly situated around the lake giving the opportunity to fish all areas.

In 2017 the lake was emptied and de silted which means there are no snags.

The lake is private, so no fishing license required.


We introduced new stock from October 2017 with a variation of common, mirror & grass carp varying in weight 20’s, 30’s, 40’s  50’s and our Trophy fish BIG DAVE weighed in at 61.2lb. 

SWIM 1 - The Bunker

Situated at the tip of the Lake & sits on the shallowest part with water depths ranging from 3.7ft to 8.5ft with a spring feed to the right.

SWIM 2 - Parachute Swim

Situated on the East side of the Lake with an island to the right & open water to the left.  Depths ranging from 8.5 ft to 12.6 ft.

SWIM 3 - Piece de Resistance

Situated to the right hand side of the Dam wall & sits on the deepest part of the lake, depths ranging from 11.5ft to 16ft. 

SWIM 4 - Head Quarters

Situated to the left hand side of the Dam wall with depths ranging from 6.8 ft to 15ft.  This swim is nearest to the cabin.

SWIM 5 - Snipers Corner

Situated at the right hand side of the Lake facing island 3 to the left & open water to the right.  Depths ranging from 6.9 ft to 11.3 ft.

SWIM 6 - Ambush Swim

Situated at the North End of the Lake facing 2 of the islands and a spring feed to right. Depths ranging from 4.9ft to 8.6 ft.