Please respect all of these rules, to ensure the safety of yourself, other anglers & the fish. 



  • NO FISH to be removed from the site or the lake.
  • BAITS No Nuts (ie tiger nuts & peanuts)
  • No Shelf Life Baits
  • No Artificial plastic or rubber baits, other then normal pop ups.
  • No mixed particles, unless supplied by the fishery. (See baits & boats.)
  • MINIMUM 15lb breaking strain line.
  • No Zig Rigs allowed.
  • No Lead cores or leaders allowed.
  • A maximum of 3 RODS to be used per swim.
  • MICRO-BARBED & BARBLESS HOOKS only, we recommend hooks no bigger than size 4 & no smaller than size 10.
  • Please be within a sensible distance from your swim whilst rods are being fished.
  • LANDING OF FISH from the platforms on each swim, not from the banks to prevent damaging of fish. Always have your CARP CARE KIT ready if there is any sign of injury during hook removal.
  • PHOTOS, fish must stay in the landing net until the mats are wet, scales are set to zero & your camera is ready.
  • LANDINGS NETS, UNHOOKING MATTS, WEIGH SLINGS, RETAINERS are supplied, this is to control the spread of disease. Please look after all equipment & hang it up to dry after use.


  • LITTER is not acceptable, please ensure you keep all swims clean & tidy. There are bins provided, so please use them.
  • NO SMOKING in Bivvies or in the Cabin. Please ensure that cigarette ends are disposed of in the appropriate bins.
  • NO ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR, Alcohol must be consumed sensibly with due respect to the safety of yourself, other anglers & the fish.
  • THE BOAT must not go onto the water, it is only available in the case of an emergency & life jackets must be worn. Should there be a need to venture on to the lake in a boat, please inform the bailiff in advance, as the boat is under lock & key.
  • NO SWIMMING OR WADING at any time.
  • NO FIRES of any description.
  • NO VEHICLES are permitted around the lake.
  • DO NOT TAKE GAS BURNERS into the bivvies as this is a fire hazard or could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • CHILDREN (under 18 years old) are the responsibility of their parent & must be under adult supervision at all times.

The lake will be checked daily to make sure there are no problems & to ensure you are enjoying your stay.

If there is anyone not abiding to the above rules, they will be asked to leave the venue with immediate effect and there will be no reimbursement.